HBCU Apparel for Students and Alumni

What if I told you that you could represent your HBCU college or university without wearing your school's logo? Our HBCU apparel Hall Collection was designed so that students and alumni can represent the dorm or major that they were in while on campus. 

Hall Pass is an HBCU Lifestyle brand. When students or alumni put on our apparel, they are reminded of the legacy and culture of their HBCU. When students or alumni are wearing our apparel, and see each other off campus, traveling somewhere, or on campus for Homecoming, an instant bond or connection is formed through the sharing of their unique college experience. 

The HBCU Hall Collection was created so that while on campus, you could walk in a room representing your dorm or academic hall, and people instantly knew where you lived and what you majored in.

The Hall Collection has cotton blend t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, and hooded sweatshirts. The design includes gold varsity letters with white outline heat pressed on the front of the shirt. 

Head to my website to snatch one up!

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